Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Patagonia Winter Jackets

Moosejaw has quite a selection on the most popular winter jackets- The Patagonia. It is their most Pinned jacket on Pinterest.

They have all the sizes for both women and men. The Patagonia jackets are made in all different styles- either the lightweight for those not so cold days, or the more heavyweight Patagonia for the extreme temperatures.

Check out Moosejaw for the latest and see what they have to offer.

Most Pinned Moosejaw Product: Patagonia Women's Synchilla Lightweight Snap-T Pullover
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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Camping In Florida

In Florida there are so many campsite. The State of Florida has numerous designated regions. Within each region there are multiple great camping locations. Please check them out with the provided links below. I particularly love camping in the parks around the Central Florida area. Its simply not too far, but you feel as though you are far from home.

Just while camping at Moss Park, which is a county park in east Central Florida, we had deer and turkey walking right through our camp site. It was great and the children were so excited that we didn't see them for hours.

Camping is one of those activities that you never really know what you will expect. When I was a very young boy, we had stayed by the fire and let the embers burning for us to have something to start the campfire with in the morning. But i was so excited to get up while everyone else was still sleeping because I wanted to see if there were any deer. When I stepped out I walked right over all the hot embers and burned my feet and got dozens of blisters. It was painful but it was something that we all talked about for years.

In planning your next camping trip, make sure to plan way ahead. By ahead I mean several months in advance. Most parks fill up quickly due to the popularity of camping these days.

Check out the links below and get started with planning your next camping trip.

Florida Northwest Region

Florida North Central Region

Florida Northeast Region

Florida Central West Region

Florida Central Region

Florida Central East Region

Florida Southwest Region

Florida Southeast Region (which includes Miami and downward through the Florida Keys. If you are a scuba diver you should take advantage of the opportunity to dive with the dolphins. We also enjoyed an airboat ride through the Florida Everglades at night time. (Not for those who are afraid of spiders.)

-The Happy Camper